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The expertise you need for today's AI world.

Apexter is not just one of the top AI web application development teams world-wide, we are an extension to your own dev team, taking in your knowledge, your best practices, and expanding on them with ours to give you the feeling of an extended team; a team with a whole lot of knowledge to offer.


Acceleration: A rapid increase in deadlines and project scope.

Apexter comes in and hits the ground running, we can take on new projects, or work alongside your devs for existing projects to speed them up; or, we can do a little of both.










What Apexter can do

We are here to help your dev team (or even become your dev team!) Here are a few areas we can help your team in:

  • AI / ML Web Apps

    We have been in AI before the AI boom of '23, which means we have a solid foundation on the "real way" to make AI.

    From Neural Nets, to Big Data, to Natural Language and Computer Vision Data, our team has the years of expertise that can make your AI dreams a reality.

  • Our Knowledge Vault

    In today's hyper competitive development landscape, a good developer may only spend one two three years at a company and then leave, often taking those years of tribal knowledge with them, setting the company back many months and often with inescapable loss of knowledge and data when they do leave.

    At Apexter, you'll never have to worry about tribal knowledge loss again, as we keep detailed documentation, backups, and cross training documents as part of every project, so your knowledge will live on throughout the years, and you'll never have to worry about it walking out the door. Because when you partner with us, we sat up for successful long-term partnerships, with zero knowledge loss mentality.

  • Turn-Key Team

    Get multiple professionals for the same price as one employee.

    Choosing the exact right profession for your business that your business will require over the next few years can be tough to know at first, often businesses realize what they thought they needed as far as skill set changes as the market changes. And they're left with the option to only hire more people in that new skill set. This leaves 2 to 3x more hiring than may be needed if you could use multidiscipline contractual projects such as Apexter.

    We offer a credit system, for each month you can choose where to spend the credits, one month it could be on a data scientist, another month it could be on one of our machine learning experts, the following month it could be on a UI designer, and next month it could be a full stack programmer for JavaScript.
    You get to choose, and most importantly you get the agility to decide on the spot, no more job postings, no more interviews, use your credits where your business needs them, to be more agile than your competitors and beat them to market without wasting time and money on job postings.

    Because of the multidisciplinary nature, dark lines receive up to 4X the ROI as standard job postings, and complete over 300% more projects scope.


Some of our projects

Some of our stand-out clients that achieved incredible results working with Apexter


Sports Injury Neural Net

This client (you may know them) is in the sports injury claim industry, and required an application to predict player's injury likelihood.


Normal algorithms could not achieve this, so they turned to us.


We created a Neural Net machine learning AI  to take in players' historical data, and create a score ranking not only their likelihood to sustain an injury, but where on their body it was likely to occur.


This allowed our client to take pro-active safety measures to ensure the continued playability and health of their players throughout the season.


Natural Language Phone Support

This client is one of the largest medical providers in the USA, with over $1B in annual revenue.

With their enormous size, they received over 10,000 calls per week.


We developed an AI Natural Language Phone Support web application that interfaced directly into their phone system, using AI to actually chat with the client in real English (not robotic "press 1 for...")


This allowed the client to handle over 30% of their incoming call volume with our AI.


Big Data Insight

This client deals in the Consumer Data sector, processing 50TB of consumer data per year.


The amount of data they received had put their company in a "paralyzed" state due being unable to draw parallels in the data or make use of it in a meaningful way.


We created an AI Web Application (SaaS) that takes the direct data pipeline (terabytes at a time) and makes sense of it.


With our AI the client was able to make real predictions from their customer data, wading through 50TB of data to find the information they needed in seconds.



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Dev team augmentation


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What our customers say about working with Apexter


Better than an employee, hit the ground running.

Our short 12 month contracts mean you’re not actually hiring an employee and will not be subject to any labor standards, severance pay, or potential legal battles from disgruntled workers if they do get let go.


Because we work on a 100% contract basis, after the contract is fulfilled you may simply not renew it with absolutely zero overhead or worry for your business to consider, we’re here to help and believe that after 12 months you will want to continue with our service, but if not, there’s no legal ramifications and you can end easily with no legal ramifications such as severance pay for employment standards Acts.

  • Cheetah - 12 month



    Cheetah Plan gives you access to 5 different professions: Each month you can choose where to spend the credits, one month it could be on a data scientist, another month it could be on one of our machine learning experts, the following month it could be on a UI designer, and next month it could be a full stack programmer for JavaScript.

    1-week in-person fly-in training (our PM will fly to your location, meet your team, and understand your requirements)

    12-month contract with hassle free ending (no firing/severance pay etc. required)


Do you have questions?

Some popular FAQ’s our clients have asked us over the years:

  • What is the onboarding training?

    At Apexter, we believe humans are what make truly advanced web applications.

    That's why we put heavy emphasis on integrating with your existing dev team.

    Before the work begins, we will meet virtually for 2-3 meetings with our senior PM and Dev Lead and your dev team (we cover this cost fully) - they will spend as much time with your team learning your practices, seeing your code, and understanding deeply what it is your company needs to achieve to be successful.

  • How does the integration with my existin dev team work?

    We can come in immediately and begin using the same software (such as Slack / Teams, etc.) that your dev team is using, we are experts in it so we'll be up to speed in minutes.

  • Do we own the IP?

    Yes. All IP is 100% owned by our clients. Apexter signs over all rights to you before a single line of code is written.

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